PT. BIOTEK INDONESIA menyediakan produk bermutu dengan inovasi bioteknologi, vitamin, vaksin, feedadditive, desinfektan, antibiotik, antiparasit untuk kesehatan unggas, dan ternak lainnya
04 | 03 | 2015

About Us

Animal farm has played important role in human life. Most of our daily lives depend on healthy animal products such as poulty and dairy. That's the reason why PT. Biotek Indonesia plays as important role as one of the most reputable biotechnology company in the country. The main purpose; to improve the quality of life of animals, hence it will give positive effects in improving our quality of life as human beings

Going from this concern, PT. Biotek Indonesia has been doing many important research and producing the best quality vaccines for various animals, and keep on improving its modern vaccines. When Avian Infleunza hit Asia in 2004, PT Biotek Indonesia maintened close cooperation with PT. Biofarma in distributing the vaccine for Avian Influenza from Qilu, People's Republic of China. This great contribution made PT. Biotek Indonesia appointed as the sole distributor for marketing the vaccine in Indonesia. In that same year, it has also been appointed by Pfizer as the sole distributor for poultyr vaccine in the region. It's wonderful achievement has also entitled PT. Biotek Indonesia to receive 6 (six) certificates of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) in 2006